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Sales Team

The sales partner to global technology marketing teams, enabling them to understand their prospects and customers better - generating more leads and losing fewer deals. 

As a part of Viewpoint Analysis Ltd, we act as a Technology Matchmaker. Where the Viewpoint Analysis half of the business helps companies to find new technology, Sales Team Services focuses on helping technology vendors find customers by better understanding them.


Our Core
Service Areas

The more that you know about your accounts, the more that you can differentiate your messaging and demonstrate customer intimacy.

Our Account Research takes many forms and we help IT marketing teams with their Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Deal-Based Marketing (DBM), and Strategic Account Marketing by conducting research into the company, its strategy, and key contacts.

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A core concern for every marketing leader - the strength of the marketing and sales pipeline. We offer a range of unique services to help marketing leaders ensure that the funnel is working well and that it has no leaks.

Our Pipeline Improvement services include areas like Win/Loss Analysis, Disqualified Leads Audit, and Market Perception surveys. 

We offer a range of Sales Admin services, but it's also the holdall area for ad-hoc work that we do for marketing and sales teams. 

In this area, we do a whole range of different activities that either fall outside of the remit of most internal sales and marketing roles, or are easier for a business to outsource elsewhere.

These include...CRM Contact Cleanse, Account Plans, Contacts Build, and a range of different sales admin services.

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Download our latest Services brochure which details all of the key services that we provide to IT Sales and Marketing teams. 

We hope we can help you. If you would like to know more about what we do and how we can help, please drop us a note, give us a call, or write to us - whichever works for you!

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