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Sales TEAm

A part of Viewpoint Analysis Ltd, the Technology Matchmakers, our Sales Team Services area is about acting as a sales matchmaker

Sat in a  position between vendor sales and technology buyers, we are uniquely placed to answer questions that the vendor needs to know - but which they find difficult or impossible to get an accurate answer if they ask it themselves.


Your team, region or sector is underperforming - we can help you understand why that is.

You want to grow revenues and get the right messages to the right people, we can help you with that.

You want to know what your customer needs and what they think of you - no problem!


Download our Summer '22 Services brochure which details all of the key services that we provide to IT Sales and Marketing teams. 

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Do you know why your sales team is losing so many deals? Is there a theme? Is there something that can be easily fixed?

Unfortunately by the time the loss has been communicated, the relationship has likely deteriorated and it is difficult for sales leadership to get an unvarnished answer to 'why'.

Our Loss Review (or Win Review) aims to get to the bottom of things in double-quick time and is a quick way of improving closure rates.


Have you selected your ABM accounts but now need the intelligence that is crucial to your ability to market to them appropriately?

We provide marketing with a detailed profile of the accounts that will feature in their ABM (Account-Based Marketing) efforts.

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Have you reached an impasse in your negotiations or are struggling to find a way forward despite both the vendor's and your best efforts? This is where our Deal Mediation service comes in.


We have negotiated hundreds of successful deals and offer a unique position sitting between both parties. Let us mediate and find a way forward that works for all parties and gets the project back on track. 


Our 'Disqualified Leads Service' looks for the pot of gold in your long list of rejected leads. It keeps your sales team honest and provides a backstop to catch any missed opportunities. We look to requalify and rehome leads where possible - entering them back into your funnel or engaging (non-competitive) partners that can reimburse you.

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Our sales-specific market research is all about uncovering what your key stakeholders think about your business, offering, or anything else you can think of.

When you either can't ask the question yourself or you need an independent viewpoint - Sales Team Services can help.


Your sales team is busy but you want them to act more strategically and target the right people with the right message.

Why not let the Viewpoint Analysis team do the heavy lifting and take the weight off your talent? Simply tell us the accounts you need to know about and we will do the rest. The Account Research Pack will be on your desk asap.

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Every sales team, sales region, or global business unit, has underperforming areas. Often critical areas that really need to perform but which just seem to be a constant issue. If you could remove the issue or fix the challenge, performance would go through the roof.

But how? What really is the problem? 

This is where our Troubleshooting service comes in - we find the issues so that you can go and fix them.



Designed for senior sales leaders in new roles - the Baseline service uncovers the current status that you are presented with. It gives the baseline situation.

Once you know where the needle is - you can plan how to move it. You can work your magic.

Let the Sales Team Services team ask the difficult questions of the stakeholders that are important to your success or failure.

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If you have a partner channel or a crucial ecosystem, the difference between it performing, and not, can be critical to the entire business.

Our Partner Audit, or Partner Research area, is designed to take a pulse check on your partners. How do they feel about you? What could your team be doing better? Are you important to them? Is their compensation model working?

Whatever you need to know - we do our very best to find out.


Your team is competing day in, day out - but rarely do you see the opposition and be able to assess them appropriately. Our Competitor Head to Head is where we assess your team against your opposition's team. 

Where are you strong? Where do you need to improve? We measure each of your team based upon experience, skills and more.

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If you have a sales team problem - our Sales Consulting service aims to solve it.

In here you find a range of services including Team Analysis, Competitor Head to Head, Sounding Board and so much more.