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Baseline Service 


New role? Congratulations. But now you need to form your strategy. Your 90 or 100-day plan. 

Are you going to build that plan based upon what you think is the challenge or are you going to base it on the facts, the feedback from your key stakeholders?

For any 90-day plan to be a success, you really need to know your baseline first.

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The first job in any 90 or 100-day plan - research. As quickly as possible we need to find out the lay of the land. What's working. What's not. What great ideas already exist but we need to action. What our employees feel, what our customers feel, what our partners think of us. 

Research, research, research. What you feel before you start the job - from outside research or from word of mouth feedback - that only goes so far.

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Designed specifically for leaders in new senior sales roles - country managers, sales directors, and regional heads of business. Our 'Baseline Service' is where we conduct the research to find out your baseline situation.

We go and interview your key stakeholders. Yes, you can ask yourself, but invariably you hear what people want you to hear. We get the unvarnished truth. The nuggets that can transform your 90-day plan.



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As you are new in the role, let us go and find the lay of the land and interview the key stakeholders while you are onboarding and meeting your new team. We will report back as quickly as we can and present back our findings so that you can then build the plan. 

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We look to uncover the key metrics from your most important stakeholders. We do this through:

  • Customer interviews

  • Partner surveys

  • Employee feedback

  • Industry influencer feedback

  • Implementation partner interviews

  • Target customer interviews


Our aim is to find where the needle is - so that you can then work your magic to move it in the right direction. The question is, what do you need to know? 

The Baseline service is similar to our Perception 360 package in that our role is to understand where you think the challenge is - and then go and uncover the facts and figures. Asking questions that perhaps you can't or do not have the bandwidth to do.

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Then Measure

Once you have clear visibility of the current situation facing you and your team, you can do what you do best. You can build a plan to transform the situation. But remember to measure the situation as it evolves over time. We recommend running a shorter review (annually or bi-annually) to take a new measurement.


It all starts with an initial conversation. We want to know your priorities. What do you think you need to fix? What are you looking to baseline? Is there an obvious issue?

It is then over to the Sales Team Services team. We will look to either focus on a particular area or we will look to take a sample of the population (e.g. a random sample of partners or employees) to interview and/or survey.


We look to ask the difficult questions - because we can. Once we have the hard facts, we present them back at a time that works for your diary. 



Or maybe you know what the problem is and you just need to confirm that your suspicions are correct. Maybe you just need the evidence. 

We can work to a very tight brief - just let us know what you are looking to investigate.

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