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Deal Mediation

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Hit an

Have you reached an impasse in your negotiations or has your customer contact gone quiet? Are you struggling to find an answer? This is where our Deal Mediation service comes in.

We have negotiated hundreds of successful deals and offer a unique position sitting between both parties. Let us mediate and find a way forward that works for all concerned and gets the project back on track.

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Has your customer gone quiet? We often think it is a procurement ploy - but more likely it is because something isn't right. Something needs fixing. An internal issue has caused a problem, or there is an issue with your proposal and/or relationship. 

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Our role is to act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. We do not act for either. Our aim is to uncover the issues that have some flexibility, agree on the areas that really cannot be moved, and find a balanced path forward. The way to make the deal happen.

How do we
do it?

Deals stall for so many reasons - we can't always pull the rabbit out of the hat but we do our very best. How do we do it? Three simple steps.


1) We speak to the customer team to understand their position. 

2) We speak to the vendor team to understand their position.

3) We host and mediate a call between both parties and look to address the areas of concern and find common ground. 

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We move quickly - that is our commitment to both parties. We will look to start the mediation as quickly as diaries allow. We know that by the time we are contacted, the process has likely gone on longer than everyone expected - we need to find a timely solution.

In every case, we will find an outcome. Our aim is to find an agreement that allows the deal to proceed - and that is what we expect to happen. However, in those cases where this cannot be achieved - we find closure. We find a way for both parties to agree to go separate ways - not the long, lingering, awkward end to failed partnerships.

British Pound Coins


This is a short but effective service and is priced to help move the deal forward quickly. Simple steps to get the deal back on track and help both the vendor and the end customer.


How can we help you? Drop us a note, give us a call - we know we can support your aim to sell more this year.

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