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Market Research

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We offer a range of Market Research packages designed to help the sales and marketing team to find the answers to important questions. 

All our research is conducted under a strict NDA and is completely confidential. Whatever you are looking to understand, we can help you.


Independent questions - bring honest answers. Our aim is to uncover the reality. We ask questions that the vendor may not feel comfortable asking. We get the answers that the respondee may not feel comfortable answering.

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We can 

It all starts with what you want to find out. Just set us the challenge and if we don't already have a package that is designed for the task, we will create one that does the job. Our experience is that most customer requirements are different. The size of the audience, the group that we need to ask, the depth of feedback needed....



For most of our services, we recommend one-to-one interviews. However, for more cost-focused clients, or for those with a large target audience, we also have the ability to run online surveys. The most important aspect is asking the right person the right question - and we can definitely help with that!

Taking Notes


Our research is always cost-effective and we simply charge on the basis of how many people you would like us to interview. Who they are (employees, partners, suppliers, etc) does not matter. So it is super simple to instruct us and to find spare budget.


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It is easy to work in an echo chamber. Your team may think they know the challenges that they face - but do they? 

The Market Perception 360 service is designed to find how you are perceived by your key stakeholders - giving you a complete view from any and all groups that interact with your team or your business.


Designed specifically for those taking new senior sales positions - country manager, sales director or marketing director (and similar).

Do you really understand the challenge of your new role? Do you know why your predecessor wasn't as successful as they may have hoped? You can ask questions, but will you get the honest answers that you can trust to build your strategy upon? Let us provide the facts - provide your baseline.

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Do you have a partner channel or a key ecosystem that you really need to be successful? 

Our Partner Audit will help you to understand how you can improve current performance levels by listening to feedback. Let us contact your partners and find out how they feel about your relationship and how you can improve for the benefit of all concerned.

Head to

Your team is competing day in, day out - but rarely do you see the opposition and be able to assess them appropriately. Our Head to Head is a quick and easy process to assess your team vs the opposition. 

Let us know whom you compete against - we will do the research and give you your head-to-head comparison.

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Board Meeting


Research in its purest form. Our Viewpoint Panel brings together a group (remotely or onsite) to discuss and provide an opinion on a specific topic.

Maybe it is to discuss a new service or to brainstorm a fix to a market challenge. Or perhaps to seek opinion on a new logo or a new event.

Whatever the question, the Viewpoint Panel will provide an answer


Our Market Research can take a number of different forms, here are just some examples of the questions that you may be thinking about:

  • How is our partner channel feeling? Are they motivated? Are we supporting them?

  • How engaged is my sales team?  Is our compensation plan effective?

  • Are we over-communicating with our customers?

  • Does our target audience know us? Is our brand known?

  • Will our new brand work? Will it resonate?

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