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Partner Leadership

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Sales Team Services range of discrete services specifically built for the Partner Management team to do their job with more knowledge and support.

Helping them to understand why their partners are losing deals, or providing account research to help them get out and sell on behalf of their business.

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If you have a partner channel or a crucial ecosystem, the difference between it performing, and not, can be critical to the entire business.

Our Partner Audit, or Partner Research area, is designed to take a pulse check on your partners. How do they feel about you? What could your team be doing better? Are you important to them? Is their compensation model working?

Whatever you need to know - we do our very best to find out.


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Do you know why your partner is losing so many deals? Is there a theme? Is there something that can be easily fixed?

Unfortunately by the time the loss has been communicated, the relationship has likely deteriorated and it is difficult for sales leadership to get an unvarnished answer to 'why'.

Our Loss Review (or Win Review) aims to get to the bottom of things in double-quick time and is a quick way of improving closure rates.


Working with parent brand Viewpoint Analysis, our 'Partner Roadshow' brings the vendor together with a range of their complementary and non-competitive partners to provide a series of virtual events for individual customers.


It transforms the partner pipeline as the group of partners acts with Viewpoint Analysis to arrange the meetings and creates a force multiplier.

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Every sales team, sales region, or global business unit, has underperforming areas. Often critical areas that really need to perform but which just seem to be a constant issue. If you could remove the issue or fix the challenge, performance would go through the roof.

But how? What really is the problem? 

This is where our Troubleshooting service comes in - we find the issues so that you can go and fix them.



Your partner's sales team is busy but you want them to act more strategically and target the right people with the right message.

Why not let the Viewpoint Analysis team do the heavy lifting and take the weight off your talent? Simply tell us the accounts you need to know about and we will do the rest. The Account Research Pack will be on your desk asap.

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