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Partner Research

If you have a partner channel or a key ecosystem, it is crucial that they are on board with your strategy. It is also critical that you understand the challenges that they are facing, after all, it is they who are likely hitting customer challenges first.

Our Partner Research is all about canvassing opinions so that the vendor has a solid understanding of the current opportunities and threats - and can build a strategy based upon reality rather than assumptions.


Our approach is pretty simple, we just ask the questions that need to be asked - to the people that we need a response from. 

What do you need to know? What are you looking to measure? Once we know this, it's then about the target profile - who do you need to ask?

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Our pricing is based on the number of people we interview. As such, the scope of the research is based upon the size of the population that you need to canvas. We can help advise based upon our experience. The key is to have a representative sample such that you get accurate results.

What we

Our Partner Research can cover a variety of challenges - here are some examples:

  • Margin and commercial structures

  • Training and education

  • Ease of doing business

  • New ideas and suggestions

  • Competitive comparisons

  • Partner satisfaction and net promoter scores

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