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Product Managers

 Product Manager

Sales Team Services built for the Product Management community. Helping product owners to understand what their customers and prospects really need. 

A range of services to facilitate finding the key customer information that is challenging to find. For example, our Viewpoint Panel brings customers together to answer questions about the product or service and how it can be improved.

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Our sales-specific market research is all about uncovering what your key stakeholders think about your business, offering, or anything else you can think of.

When you either can't ask the question yourself or you need an independent viewpoint - Sales Team Services can help.


Do you really know the scale of the challenge that you face? How are you really perceived by your prospective customers? Have they heard of you? How do your existing customers rate you? Are your partners on board with your approach? Do your employees back your strategy?

Our Market Perception 360 study will quickly get you the data points that you need to know. Once you know your real position you can go about planning for the best way forward.

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The Viewpoint Panel is all about answering your 'unknown'.


Why are customers choosing another vendor? Will my target audience like our new business idea? Is our new logo going to work? What do our customers really think about us? How can we do better in the region?

Whatever your 'unknown' we can bring the right people to the virtual table to answer it!


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