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How can we help you improve your B2B sales performance?

Book a FREE 30-minute chat with our team to tackle your sales challenges and offer ways to improve revenue performance or email your challenge to

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What Will You Get?

Looking for new technology ideas for your business? The Technology Matchmaker brings new ideas directly from the vendors

Sales Troubleshooter

  • A free no-obligation 30 minute call.

  • An opportunity to discuss your sales challenges with a B2B sales industry expert.

  • Brainstorm ideas and offer suggested guidance.

  • Provide a short post-call report detailing the output from the Troubleshooter Surgery Call and proposing ideas to increase sales and improve sales team performance.

How does the call work?

What Happens?

  • Register your interest via the link below.

  • Our team will contact you to arrange a mutually suitable 30-minute call via Zoom.

  • The call is an opportunity to discuss your sales issues with our B2B sales experts.

  • At the end of the call, we will send a short report outlining the details of our call and a range of suggested actions that might be useful to consider.

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Who are we?

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Sales Team Services

Want to know more about what we do before requesting the Troubleshooter call?

Sales Team Services helps B2B sales teams (of any size) to improve sales performance. Our Troubleshooting Services are all designed to uncover the issues that are holding your revenue performance back. 

From Loss Interviews to Competitor Analysis and from Lead Process Audits to Website Reviews. Take a look at a few of our services below to get a feel for what we do for our clients and whether this might be useful for you.

Sales Performance


We lose - it is a fact of life. But learning why we lose enables us to lose a little less. Losing a little less means more sales and more income.

Our Win Loss Analysis service is where we interview your clients to understand what happened. Completely impartial and under NDA. We can ask questions that maybe you are not able to get a direct answer to.

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We run an independent analysis of your website. We look at your performance across your keywords and how you rank against your competitors. 

Is your website attracting clients or putting them off? Is it appearing in search? Is it responsive? We look at every aspect and come back with a comprehensive review that includes areas to work on and how to measure progress. 

Head to

Your team is competing day in, day out - but rarely do you see the opposition and be able to assess them appropriately. Our Head to Head is a quick and easy process to assess your team vs the opposition. 

Let us know whom you compete against - we will do the research and give you your head-to-head comparison. Like analyzing a sports team playing in the upcoming game - what are you up against and how does your team match up?

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We investigate the whole lead process from top to bottom. We start with how leads come to you and then follow them through the business to rejection or sale.

How and where is the process falling down? Are you attracting opportunities? Is your business development team qualifying them and actioning them appropriately? Are they accepted or disqualified by your field sales team? 


Leads are valuable and we ensure that you squeeze every drop of value from the lead process. 


We perform an independent review of your sales team. Who is in it? What roles do they play? How does it compare with your competitors? Could it be arranged differently?

In many cases, performance starts and ends with the sales team so getting this area right is critical. 

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Do you really know what your ideal customer thinks of you - or do you just assume? The reason you are losing could be for a whole host of reasons - the best way to find out, is to talk to your target customers, the people that you need to pick up the phone to you.

Our Market Perception 360 interviews your clients, employees, partners, prospects - any and all relevant contacts that can give you the honest 360 degree viewpoint you need to improve.


If you have a partner channel or a crucial ecosystem, the difference between it performing, and not, can be critical to the entire business.

Our Partner Audit, or Partner Research area, is designed to take a pulse check on your partners. How do they feel about you? What could your team be doing better? Are you important to them? Is their compensation model working?

Whatever you need to know - we do our very best to find out.


Job interview
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Some of our customers have tried everything and it isn't working. Our Sales Strategy Service is here to help with new ideas, a different perspective, and our years of sales experience. 

Depending upon the customer's need, we might build a new sales approach and strategy for them, or we could run a weekly sales surgery to offer guidance and a sounding board. 

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