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A key remit of Sales Team Services is to help vendors to sell more. We do this by helping them to understand more about the market and by partnering with our parent brand (Viewpoint Analysis) to open doors to key accounts.

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Have you selected your ABM accounts but now need the intelligence that is crucial to your ability to market to them appropriately?

We provide marketing with a detailed profile of the accounts that will feature in their ABM (Account-Based Marketing) efforts.

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Your sales team is busy but you want them to act more strategically and target the right people with the right message.

Why not let the Viewpoint Analysis team do the heavy lifting and take the weight off your talent? Simply tell us the accounts you need to know about and we will do the rest. The Account Research Pack will be on your desk asap.

Is there someone that you really just have to meet? A senior executive that can make the difference? Someone who can unlock the account? 

Our matchmaker service is designed to connect senior leaders for peer-to-peer relationships.

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Our 'Disqualified Leads Service' looks for the pot of gold in your long list of rejected leads. It keeps your sales team honest and provides a backstop to catch any missed opportunities. We look to requalify and rehome leads where possible - entering them back into your funnel or engaging (non-competitive) partners that can reimburse you.

Have you reached an impasse in your negotiations or are struggling to find a way forward despite both the vendor's and your best efforts? This is where our Deal Mediation service comes in.


We have negotiated hundreds of successful deals and offer a unique position sitting between both parties. Let us mediate and find a way forward that works for all parties and gets the project back on track. 

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