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Solution Spotlight

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Shortcut the selection process by meeting the key vendors in one sitting.

One of the challenges in a typical vendor selection process is the amount of time it takes to assess the market and to understand the key players. The Solution Spotlight events solve this issue by bringing a range of IT vendors and implementation partners together to present to a group of prospective customers in one short sitting.

Often arranged over the course of an afternoon, each of the vendors will provide a 45 minute overview of their business and what makes them different in the marketplace. Each Solution Spotlight tends to feature 4 or 5 participating vendors and therefore over the course of the session the most appropriate provider for your needs may be uncovered in short order.



We regularly turn our attention to different solution areas and shine our spotlight on them. We invite the major players providing those solutions to take their turn on our virtual stage and to showcase why they do what they do better than the rest.

Spotlight. Scene Illumination. Light Eff



The Solution Spotlight turns on different industry solutions across the year. Depending upon the level of interest, we sometimes run multiple sessions on just one topic.

Our first step is to announce the dates and the topics for the Solution Spotlight. We then approach vendors and service providers in that particular solution and invite them to be a part of the session. All the sessions are run remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom and Viewpoint Analysis provide both the conference facility and moderate the event to ensure a seamless process.


Each vendor has 45 minutes to provide an overview of their proposition and 15 minutes to prepare and set-up. We invite a broad audience of end-users who are looking to purchase.

We also run Spotlights that are focused on just one topic and bring an expert vendor to speak to an audience of interested customers. We call these Viewpoint Analysis Expert Spotlight Workshops.

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The Solution Spotlight is ideal for the initial vendor selection stage. In just a few short hours the event can quickly separate your potential partner from the pack. It's a quick win upon which to build a more comprehensive review of the market or a formal purchase process. After the event we will follow-up with the vendor's contact details in order to allow for broader discovery and proposals.



The Viewpoint Analysis team endeavour to run Solution Spotlight sessions across the whole IT marketplace in order to cater for the needs of as many vendors and prospective customers. The success of the events very much depend upon the attendance of the vendors but also the potential buyers and therefore the demand in that particular area of the industry is critical. Example events include areas as diverse as:

  • Core HR Applications.

  • Cloud ERP.

  • Cloud Data Warehouse / Data Lakes.

  • Integration Software.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  • Payroll Software.

  • Cloud Storage.

  • And Many Others....

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Check out our upcoming spotlights link below to find out what Solution Spotlights are coming up. We would love to see you at one that is appropriate to your upcoming need.



Want to know more about the Solution Spotlight? Request a call back and we would be happy to explain more about the service. Alternatively, click the link below to read more about the process.

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