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about us

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Sales Team Services is part of Viewpoint Analysis Ltd. Our goal is simple - to help sales and marketing teams increase sales revenue and smash quotas out of the park.

We partner with the marketing and sales teams to do jobs that are not easy or cost-effective for them to do themselves. Our primary aim is to help them sell more and lose less - and ensure that everything they do is based upon a solid baseline of facts and data.

Viewpoint Analysis services are focused on the end customer. We help them in the critical procurement process where they need to find what's available in the market, reduce that to a shortlist, and select their preferred vendor.

Sales Team Services help the IT vendors to understand their market and their prospective customers, so they can target the right messages and communications to the right individuals in order to be found in the busy marketplace.

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why us?

The business was founded and is run by Phil Turton. A veteran of hundreds of sales engagements (working for SAP, HP, SuccessFactors, and Informatica) in which he has seen the best (and not so good) approaches to vendor engagement and selection. Working with customers as diverse as Aston Martin, NatWest, Kingfisher, British Airways, Compass Group, JLL, Aviva, Sage, General Electric, JCB, and many, many more.

It is this sales experience that allows us to ask the difficult questions and sit in between the vendor and the customer to really help guide the sales team and improve performance.

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What we really do is answer questions that the sales and marketing team really need to answer accurately.

Who should we target in our accounts?

What do our accounts care about?

Why are we losing deals?

Where are the problems in our pipeline?

Is our contact data in good order?

Do our prospects know who we are?

Armed with the answers to these and other questions - the team can begin to build success on top of success.


We know budgets are tough to come by - so we will always offer you reasonable pricing. We want to help and know that when we deliver results, you will be able to come back and use us again.


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why us?

Sales Team Services is made up of former salespeople with decades of experience working with the very biggest and best vendors on the planet.  

We know the challenges that vendors face because we have been in your shoes. We know the questions you need to ask. We know the information your sales team depends upon. We know how to engage with your customers - professionally and discretely.


A unique component of the Sales Team Services approach is our team. We may look compact but we are able to call upon a network of senior sales and marketing leaders (our 'Technology and Sales Expert' team).

Depending upon the challenge that we are looking to solve, we bring in the appropriate expertise to meet the specific customer need.

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Whatever your challenge, we want to be the team that you call.  Whatever your question - we want to help you answer it. Whatever your constraint - we want to be the ones that give you that extra capacity.

We want to be your partner. We want to be that extra man on your team to give you an unfair advantage.


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