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Helping Vendors Sell

Sales Team Services is part of Viewpoint Analysis Ltd. Where the core element of VA is about helping end-users to find and buy the right technology, Sales Team Services helps IT sales and marketing teams to perform better and increase sales performance through a range of discrete services.

Each service has customer insight and knowledge sitting at the very heart.


What we really do is answer questions that the sales and marketing team really need to answer accurately.

Why are we losing deals?

How do our customers perceive us?

Do our partners care about us?

Who should we target in our key accounts?

What challenges are our key customers facing?

Will our new logo work?

How can we win more deals?

Armed with the answers to these and other questions - the team can begin to build success on top of success.

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why us?

Sales Team Services is made up of former IT salespeople with decades of experience working with the very biggest and best vendors on the planet.  

We know the challenges that IT vendors face because we have been in your shoes. We know the questions you need to ask. We know the information your sales team depends upon. We know how to engage with your customers.


A unique component of the Sales Team Services approach is our team. We are able to call upon a network of senior sales and marketing leaders (our 'Technology and Sales Expert' team).


Depending upon the challenge that we are looking to solve, we bring in the appropriate expertise to meet the specific customer need.

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