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Account Research

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Your sales team is busy but you want them to act more strategically and target the right people with the right message.

Why not let the Viewpoint Analysis team do the heavy lifting and take the weight off your talent? Simply tell us the accounts you need to know about and we will do the rest. The Account Research will be on your desk quickly so that you can sell to your target accounts with more confidence and knowledge.

Account Research

Key Account

Looking to research a key or target account. Look no further. We provide a comprehensive customer viewpoint that gives the answers that your sales lead and marketing teams need.

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We also produce in-depth profiles for those looking at a detailed Account-Based Marketing strategy. ABM or ABX as it can be known is a popular approach to marketing to the most strategic and valuable businesses - but to do that, you really need to know the company in detail, and that is where we come in.

Learn more about our ABM research below.


Designed for NEW sales heads to accelerate the onboarding process and to get selling quicker. 

Our Quickstart Account Profiling is simple - let Sales Team Services profile the accounts while the new salesperson is training and meeting the team. 

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Ideal for commencing a new sales engagement, the Pursuit Pack is research that will form the foundation of your deal pursuit. 

Our team will look at the account in some depth - providing your sales team with all the information they need to start a sales engagement with confidence and knowledge.

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