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time to Value

Every new salesperson knows the challenge. Joining a new company means learning what you are selling, meeting the new team...and QUICKLY getting across your new account patch. 

The hardest part - finding the time to do everything at once. Wouldn't it be nice if someone else was worrying about profiling the accounts or performing territory analysis so that they can focus on learning about the business and what they have to sell?


Sales Team Services offer two different packages depending upon the role of the individual.

For new business and mid-market roles, we offer a territory profiling service. 

For territory account management roles, we profile and analyze the accounts in the territory. 

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Account or Territory Profiling is a time-consuming service but we aim to move as quickly as possible. We know how urgent the task is and the pressure on the sales manager to get his or her new starter up to speed.


For account profiling we will provide:

  • Company Overview

  • Company Strategy

  • Key Contacts

  • Executive Contacts

  • Suggested Messaging

  • Key Details - e.g. address, turnover et al. 

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For territory sales - new business or maybe SMB, we can quickly provide a territory profile:

  • Key sectors or geographies

  • Territory facts and figures

  • Suggested messaging

  • Suggested territory segmentation

  • Key accounts.

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Drop us a line, we're keen to help speed-up your onboarding process!

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