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Territory Research

Territory Research

Our Territory Research takes our account research up a level and sees our research work focus on the wider territory. This might be for an individual sales sector, an industry, or a country.


We are guided by the needs of the sales and marketing teams and build a plan to research the areas that are important to them. Our Territory Research tends to follow a pattern, where we look at a variety of data points that are important to underpin any sales and marketing efforts.



When we are looking at a sales territory, we are often looking at a variety of different aspects that enable us to build an overall understanding of the area. As such, we typically research the following sections:

  • Sector Statistics - e.g. size, value, number of accounts, etc.

  • Account Structures - how many companies are in the sector and how do they divide across the SMB, Mid-market, and Key Accounts areas?

  • Key Accounts - what are the most important potential customers in the sector?

  • Themes - what issues or interesting aspects are impacting the sector today? 

  • Competitors - who do we know is active in the sector?

  • Messaging - what messaging would we suggest would be useful for the sales and marketing team to lead with?

  • Influencers or Partners - which partners or influential figures might be useful to work with?


Territory Research takes longer than any of our Account Research services due to the breadth and depth of areas that we need to investigate. However, where a detailed account examination may take 2 to 3 days, we would normally expect Territory Research to take a week. 

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We explore a range of data sources to pull the Territory Research Report together.


Our research sees us use a wide variety of different tools and resources, from analyst papers to shareholder reports and company annual reports, and from industry statistics to interviews with individual contacts. 

However, ultimately the research is driven by the customer's needs and therefore we'll use the data sources that enable us to best fulfill the requirement.

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