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Sales Admin

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Outside of our packages of work, we have a catch-all service to provide sales administration for the sales or marketing teams. 

If you or your team have a specific piece of work that needs an extra pair of hands, our Sales Admin Service will accommodate you if and where possible. Just tell us the challenge and we will let you know if we can help, and how much it costs.

Sales Admin


Perhaps you are looking for the key contacts to target across your new account or territory. Or maybe you want to understand the background of your key contacts by looking across various social media profiles and websites?

You might want to have a report every quarter that shows the new contacts and those that have left the company.

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Have you got a new marketing campaign but it needs to be personalized to the specific contact and company that you are sending it to? 

We can help develop the messaging or we can help to deliver content based upon researching the individual.

Your CRM is likely filled with lots of contacts that have moved on long ago. We can help change that situation by researching the individuals and letting you know where they have gone (or confirm that they are still in the same company with a different role).

It's a job that nobody wants to do - but we like doing it for some strange reason.

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