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Pursuit Profile

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If you are working on the next 'big deal', our Pursuit Profile is designed to provide the foundation stone for your account knowledge. 

We investigate all the key aspects of your prospect's accounts to give you a 360-degree viewpoint. Enabling your team to know who they are dealing with and everything they need to know in order to build a plan.

Quick Results

We know how important this piece of research is - it may be the basis for a number of sales and marketing plans. As such, we move to provide quick results.

Library Book Choice

Any size
Any Account 

The accounts we profile can be anywhere in the world. They can be any size. If you tell us it is important - we are on it. 

For sales
by Sales

The Pursuit Profiles are put together by former vendor sales team leaders. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that we know what you need. We know what has to be included. We will find what you are interested to hear about.

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What we cover

Our Pursuit Profile packs cover the following areas:

  • Company overview.

  • Executive team members.

  • Peers or associates of your customer.

  • Technology partnerships.

  • Company strategy.

  • News associated with your opportunity.

  • and much more.

Get In

We are ready to help. Give us a bell. Drop us a line. Fill out a form. Just let us know the account name(s) and we can get right on it.

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