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CRM Contact Cleanse

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What is 
CRM Contact

CRM Contact Cleansing is all about ensuring that the contact data within your CRM system is fresh and up to date.

So many technology businesses suffer from poor data. Even their top accounts have contacts that are out of date or thin on the ground - meaning they might have great marketing assets, but can't get them to the right people in their most valuable customer or target accounts.

Rather than buying contact data - which almost always is out of date or wrong, Sales Team Services offers a unique service to manually check each of your contacts in a given account - and find contacts that you are missing in your ideal customer profiles. 

The result - a clean and expansive new contact base to make your marketing efforts fly!

Right Contacts
Wrong Account?

The average person stays in a job in the region of 3 to 4 years - and according to Salesforce figures, 70% of the data in a CRM system is out of date or inaccurate every year. 

There is a very good chance that your key accounts have lots of contacts associated to them - but those contacts are now working in a different role in that company, or they are in a different business altogether.

Our CRM Contact Cleanse service picks this up as we manually look at all the contacts in a given account, and let you know what's changed.

It not only improves the target account's data, but as leavers are transposed to other accounts, it brings fresh data to the rest of the CRM platform.

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Our CRM Data Cleansing service is different in that it is all performed by hand. We look at your contacts and then go and find where they are today. We then look at the account and tell you who else you need to add to your contact list.

Buying data doesn't work - it's expensive and only as good as the data that the agency has at that time. 

The Sales Team Services approach means that the data is built for you by professionals who do this for a living.

Any Account

Like the rest of our account research services, the size, shape, and location of the company is not important. Our clients are located all over the world and their target accounts are equally spread out.

Whatever the business, if it is in your CRM system, we can help to improve the data quality.

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We take your data and then we look in multiple locations to find the contacts that you need.

If you have contacts against a given account, our first job is to go and validate that they are still in the same role and same company.

We then do a similar approach for new contacts - hunting down your ideal buying personas and adding them to the list.

Then all your team needs to do is to load the new contacts to the right place in your CRM solution. Simple.

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