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or Rehomed

How many 'disqualified leads' do you have in your CRM platform? They cost you thousands and could still be opportunities - but if they are genuinely not up to standard, it's important to understand why that is.

Right now, they are worthless. Just a line item. But what if we could requalify them into your pipeline or get to the bottom of what you need to improve further up the pipeline process? 

How does
it work?

We work on behalf of your business (under a Statement Of Work) to run an audit of your disqualified leads.


If there is an opportunity, we will send this back to the marketing team so that it can be moved back into the funnel. 

If there is a live opportunity - but not something you sell, how about we find a way to pass that to one of your key partners and start to share the pipeline and build a reciprocal relationship?

Where there is really no opportunity - we can confirm this is the case and move along - validating that it is really disqualified.

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The team

Running a periodic check on the disqualified leads pile is healthy for your business. It keeps the sales team honest and ensures that nothing is dropped through the cracks. If something does get missed - we will catch it. It also puts the marketing team's mind at ease knowing that the process is working as it should.


With disqualified leads, the age of them really does count. They still need to be useful and therefore we generally recommend leads that are no more than a quarter old. When we are working well with a vendor, we take the unwanted leads each month and qualify them again.

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As you know - good leads are so important. If you have discovered an opportunity but it just isn't an opportunity for your business, let's pass it on. We will look to rehome it with another vendor and return funds to your team to find more leads that fit your needs.


Drop us a line ( or give us a call and we can discuss how best to make the most of your disqualified leads. 

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