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Market Perceptions

You need this before you take any tactical sales or marketing steps...

Before you can do anything - you need to know where you are right now. If you are the Sales or Marketing Director - or if you run a country or regional territory - before you do anything, let's get the lay of the land.

Our Market Perceptions 360 study will quickly get you the data points that you need to know. We can speak to your customers, your partners, your ideal prospects, your suppliers, your employees - whoever is important to your success. Once you know the facts - then you can work your magic, then you can plot a course to succeed.

Do you know?

When we speak to marketing and sales leaders they will admit that it is hard to 'know' how they are perceived. They think they are doing a good job. They think they are winning more than they are losing. They think their email campaign and messaging is resonating. But do they really know for sure? No - they just can't. Unless the market is asked the question and a study is conducted, you can't know for sure. That is where our service comes in. If we know what you want to discover - we will go and find the answers you need.

Reading a Compass


Our study can cover whatever is your 360 - whatever is important to you and your role. It can be just your customers and your prospective customers - so we can talk to them to work out what they think of you, what you are doing well and what you need to improve. For others their challenge could be wider. They may want to know what their reseller channel are thinking. They may want to know what their suppliers are thinking. Whatever your ecosystem - whatever you need to understand before you fix it - that is what we will focus upon.

Modern business buzzword - move the need

Big Impacts

Unless you know where the needle is - how can you move it? The 'Market Perceptions 360' study will give you the facts, it will give you the measurement that you need to be able to assess. Then you can use your experience to move the business up the gears. Then the impact becomes significant and you can prove it when we reassess in future months and years.

What can't

You See?

You will more than likely be surprised by the output of the 360. You will wonder how you didn't see the problem before - or why you didn't react if you were already aware of the challenge. Our job is to uncover the issue - to take your blindfold off.

elegant businessman touching blindfold i


The question(s) that you need to ask will dictate the findings from the panel or interviews but they will almost always be a revelation...

  • Customers are unaware of your brand or technology.

  • Customers may believe you do something different.

  • Emails are not being received.

  • Your marketing has annoyed them.

  • They are getting too many calls.

  • Or they are not hearing from your sales team.

  • They have had requirements but heard nothing from you.

  • .......but you will never know unless we ask.

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