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Viewpoint panel

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The Viewpoint Panel is all about answering your 'unknown'. Why are customers choosing another vendor? Will my target audience like our new business idea? Is our new logo going to work?

Whatever your 'unknown' we can bring the right people to the virtual table to answer it!

The service is flexible to meet the particular needs of the customer requirement. It can be as simple as a one off presentation of an idea to a group of potential customer buyers or a series of customer roundtables or ideas forums. Whatever the requirement, we can build a suitable package of events, invite suitable personas and host / moderate.




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Sometimes you just need honest feedback before a new product is launched to the market or a new idea is born. The difficulty comes in actually finding a forum where you can get that unfettered feedback from your target audience. That's where the Viewpoint Panel comes into its own. Tell us more about your requirement and we'll build a Viewpoint Panel that fits your needs. We will host the event and we will moderate it if required. But more important than that, we'll source the right personas to ensure you get just what you need to hear.

The Right

As important as the right people - it needs to be paired with the right event. Depending upon your need we will recommend different options that may be appropriate for you to get the most out of the session(s). It may need just one short virtual meeting or a series of events. It may rely on the same audience or it might need different participants for different aspects. The Viewpoint team will advise as to the best approach and let you make the ultimate decision.

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Business Meeting

The Right


We know that getting the right people to the event is the most important aspect. Good feedback from the wrong people is not half as useful as great feedback from the right people. We will work hard to understand who you believe are the right personas. We'll then work really hard to ensure we find the right contacts to  attend - people who can really help create the very best Viewpoint Panel.

What can't

You See?

The Viewpoint Panel will show you what you need to see - whatever that may be. We will work with you to ask the right questions. Our job is to uncover the issue - to take your blindfold off.

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A good example of a Viewpoint Panel use case is the Loss Review. The Viewpoint team will work with an IT vendor and a client that has either bought from them or chosen another solution. The session is hosted and moderated by Viewpoint Analysis and this brings an independent and objective approach to the event.


Another great example of our Viewpoint Panel is the 'Market Perceptions Panel'. Vendors are often disconnected from the market's perception of their brand and product. What percentage of the market even know them? How are they thought of versus their peer group? Knowing the market perception of a vendor is SO valuable. We help you find this out and so much more.

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The Viewpoint Panel can cater for a wide variety of different requirements. Here are just a few different examples of customer needs. Our speciality is across the IT vendor and service provider arena but clearly the process is applicable to many different needs and different industries:

  • New Product Launch.

  • Idea Generation.

  • Market Perceptions

  • Event Launches.

  • New Logos or Graphics.

  • Competitor Comparisons.

  • What's Missing / Service Improvements.

  • Customer Panels.

  • New Market Knowledge.

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