Loss Review

Pensive Freelancer

 We hear this same statement so many times. Significant effort has resulted in a strong pipeline, but the deals are just not closing. Too many are being lost. Too much is being invested by pre-sales with little result. What's going wrong? Why are we losing deals?

If only we could win a higher percentage of those engagements we would dramatically move the needle.

This is where the Viewpoint Analysis Loss Review can dramatically help your business. We will work with you to interview clients that transacted - and we will interview those that didn't. In short order - just a few short hours, we will get to the bottom of your issue and we WILL improve your win rates. Maybe from 4x to 3x coverage or 5x to 4x? We will deliver the insight you need

War Stories

The Loss Review starts in a simple way. Let's review your won and lost pipeline - no customer should be off-limits. We need to hear the unvarnished truth of your funnel issues.  From that point, things move quickly. The Viewpoint Analysis team arranges a group call (including the vendor) or ideally we run the session as a discrete independent event where the customer is able to share without concern for who may be listening. If we are to find the real nuggets - the real deep-seated challenge, we need to dig for it.

Modern business buzzword - move the need

Big Impacts

When we get this right - it will undoubtedly move the needle for your team's quota performance. There is no question. If we can interview enough 'wins' and enough 'losses' we will find a theme - indeed we expect to find a number of themes. There will be clear reasons why you lose. There will be clear reasons why you are winning. Let's unearth those - do less of the former and more of the latter.

Quick Results

The beautiful thing about the Loss Review is that we can make a tangible impact on your quarter or year - in little to no time at all. Some findings might be hard to do something about - those you need to think about and turn the dial slowly. But others - well they will be simple to fix, maybe challenging - but generally you can impact current late-stage pipeline very quickly. The ROI for the Viewpoint Analysis investment will not be challenging.

elegant businessman touching blindfold i

What can't
You See?

You will more than likely be surprised by the output of the Loss Review. You will wonder how you didn't see the problem before - or why you didn't react if you were already aware of the challenge. Our job is to uncover the issue - to take your blindfold off.


We offer packages for country, region or global win loss reviews - or product specific investigations. Packages usually start at 15 reviews in order to provide sufficient statistical data points but culminate in a full report and presentation of our findings. We can provide smaller packages upon request.




There are a multitude of reasons for winning and losing a sale. The most common tend to be one of more of the following. But for you - it can literally be a million dollar question:

  • Pricing.

  • Executive alignment.

  • Demonstration.

  • Technology look and feel.

  • Salesperson.

  • Experience.

  • Customer references.

  • Reputation.

  • Discounts.

  • And maybe another hundred more...

'10 reasons'

Do you feel that your sales team are losing too many key deals? Here are 10 reasons why they may be losing based upon our customer loss interviews!


Multi-Review Packages

We understand that sometimes you just need to know why you lost that challenging, high-profile sale. It may therefore be a one-off piece of work for our team to drill into a specific loss. We are happy to do that and will move quickly to try to accommodate your need to find out what happened.

Our best rates are offered for multiple customer investigations and this reflects the value of us being able to see patterns emerge across your sales team.