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Your key or target accounts are important. You have committed money and resources to expand or break into an account. Without researching the account, your efforts will be built on rocky ground.


Viewpoint Analysis provides comprehensive account research on any account of your choosing - ensuring you can get the right messaging, to the right contact, at the right time.

Quick Results

We just need 2 to 3 days per account and an initial briefing call to understand what you are aiming to achieve. We can then get started with our investigations. Super quick. Super easy.

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Any size
Any Account 

The accounts we profile can be anywhere in the world. Invariably they tend to be large businesses but we can operate on accounts of any size and location. From Credit Suisse to BP and from IBM to Astra Zeneca.

For sales
by Sales

The account research is produced 'by hand' by experienced technology salespeople. We have done this many times before - we know what we are doing and know what you and your teams are looking for. 

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What we cover

Our Customer Viewpoint packs cover the following areas:

  • Company overview.

  • Your specific technology request - findings.

  • Competitor and associated technology installations.

  • Partners that we think you need to engage.

  • People you need to market to.

  • Executive contacts for peer-to-peer mapping.

  • Company strategy.

  • Suggested messaging.

  • Other supporting information.

Customer Interview

NEW - looking to get the inside track and understand your target account in more detail? Our Customer Interview Package brings exactly that. We interview 5 of your key contacts to understand their view of the situation. Where you sit. What you need to do to improve. Who you need to talk to. 

Person getting interviewed
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We work regularly with one of the world's largest software vendors to investigate their target accounts.

It all starts with a company name. We then arrange a call with the account lead in order to understand what they are missing and how we can help them best.


The account can be anywhere in the world and can be any size - whatever the vendor feels is needed to support their team be as successful as possible. 

Key Account Research

Account research is key to your team's success. Download a FREE copy of our latest whitepaper where we discuss the key areas that need to be included in any key account research.

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We are ready to help. Give us a bell. Drop us a line. Fill out a form. Just let us know the account name(s) and we can get right on it.

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