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Market Awareness



There are so many great IT vendors, service providers, and partners in the marketplace - the challenge is to be seen and for potential customers to know who you are and what you do. This is easier said than done. 

Viewpoint Analysis helps business leaders quickly find and select new technology to meet their needs. We also act as an industry cheerleader to promote and celebrate vendors by writing reports (Technology Longlists) and Vendor Spotlights.

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To promote and generate market awareness of specific vendors, Sales Team Services partners with the Viewpoint Analysis brand to generate market awareness and education for our customers. This takes the form of our 'Vendor Spotlight' report where we write an overview of a given technology company or maybe a specific product or service that they provide.

We have written reports for and about many different IT vendors. In each case, the intention is two-fold, to promote awareness of the specific technology partner, and to help customers understand what they do and how to find them.

Example reports include the likes of Markify,, RELAYTO, Walkme, and many more. 

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Our reports are a great way to promote your brand and educate your prospective customers. They simply tell the story of your company or product/service in a simple way so that it can be easily understood.

We write and distribute the reports, but they are then yours to do with what you will. They can be used for social content, advertising, marketing - whatever helps to get your message across. 

They are great for brand awareness or to provide an impartial viewpoint on a specific area.

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