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Pipeline Improvement



Our Pipeline Improvement area features a number of services that are designed to help marketing teams audit their pipeline and ensure that they understand what's working, and what's not working as opportunities flow down the funnel.

We can find out why you are losing. Why you are losing to your key competitors (and how to change the game), what your prospects think of you, why your sales team are closing pipeline as disqualified...and so much more. 


Is the marketing team doing a great job and filling the funnel, but at the end of the day, the sales are being lost? 

When deals are lost, the blame game can start. Where did the loss stem from? Was it a branding issue or was it poor sales execution? Will the customer tell us the truth - indeed will they give us the time we need to investigate?

Sales Team Services 'Win Loss Analysis' sees us interview the customer to get to the bottom of the loss (or win). We ask the questions that the vendor will struggle to get an honest answer to. What's more, the feedback will be impartial and we will call out the issue as we see it.

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Are you losing too many opportunities to one or two key competitors? If so, our Competitor Analysis service might be the answer to your problems.

We run a detailed study looking at your competitor - investigating every angle that might be important to your pipeline problems. We will look at their team, website (including SEO), products, marketing and advertising - a variety of different approaches to ensure that you can understand how they are beating you, and what you need to do to change the game.

Have you noticed that leads come in through the top of the funnel but they disappear shortly thereafter? 

The Disqualified Leads service is where Sales Team Services investigate each disqualified lead and report back on the true situation. We speak to the customer and to the sales team to really get under the skin of the situation. 

Less disqualified leads mean a healthier pipeline and a more efficient marketing spend.

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If there are not enough new opportunities entering the pipeline, or something just doesn't feel right, it can be a puzzling situation. 

Our Market Perceptions 360 service does, as the name suggests, a 360-degree assessment of what the market thinks of your business, product, or brand. We talk to your customers, prospective customers, partners, and more - and then report back our findings.

It might validate your problem, or it might bring a whole range of new challenges to your door.

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