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"ABM - Account Research" - Vendor Service.

A new service from Viewpoint Analysis - our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Account Research, aims to help marketing teams to get the foundations right before embarking upon the hard work of constructing and deploying the ABM plan.

ABM is a very popular marketing activity right now, but often the marketing teams are simply given a list of account names. That is a good start, but very little can be done without knowing more about the company and the pain points that the business may be experiencing. Without that extra level of detail, the marketing efforts will fall on deaf ears.

This is where Viewpoint Analysis fits in. We just need to know the account name, and a little about what you are looking to sell to those companies - it's then over to us. In a few short days (between 3 and 4 days per account) we will prepare a report (called a Customer Viewpoint) that contains:

  • Company overview.

  • Your specific technology request - findings.

  • Competitor and associated technology installations.

  • Partners that we think you need to engage.

  • People you need to market to.

  • Executive contacts for peer-to-peer mapping.

  • Company strategy.

  • Suggested messaging.

  • Other supporting information.

The Customer Viewpoint aims to give the marketing team all the information that they will need to create the right message and then send it to the right people. Once completed, we will also provide a summary report of our account findings and present this to your sales and marketing teams.

We think this is the missing piece of the ABM jigsaw. If it is missing from your plan, we'd love to help you. Find out more at


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